Excalibur Mundial-6 1-Way Security System

by Excalibur

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$ 59.95

Software Features: Silent Arm/Disarm. ATVT. 18 Programmable Features. Panic. Easy Valet. Door Activated Anti-Carjack. Ignition Activated Anti-Carjack. Transmitter Activated Anti-Carjack. Hardware: 100% Copper Wire Harnesses (Zero Aluminum). Remote Transmitters (4422, 4415, 449). Selectable Output for Siren or Horn Honk. Auxiliary Channel Output. Starter Kill Relay Socket. External Shock Sensor with Pre-Warning. Dual Flashing Light Outputs (Selectable polarity). Keyless Entry outputs. AL-70CL-4 Multi-Tone Siren (Programmable to Soft Chirp Single Tone). Current Sensing. Compact Stylish Remotes Included: Replacement P/N 4422-07, Replacement P/N 4415-07, Replacement P/N 449-07.

  • K-9 Car Alarm with Keyless Entry - Includes 3 Different Transmitter Designs!
  • Software Features:
  • Silent Arm/Disarm
  • ATVT
  • 18 Programmable Features

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