AudioControl DM-RTA Test Tool

by AudioControl

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For installers and the serious hobbyist Tuning a high-end audio system can be a difficult and time-consuming ordeal if you don't have the analytical tools needed to measure, visualize, and correct the sound. AudioControl's DM-RTA signal analyzer provides five of the most important tools that installers use to make systems sound perfect. RTA , or real-time analyzer, visualizes system response across the entire sound spectrum. You can measure the acoustic response using a microphone, or the electrical response using the line inputs. Voltmeter displays a signal's voltage, so you can match a device's output to another's input sensitivity. Polarity Checker makes sure all your drivers are moving in the same direction at the same time. SPL Meter helps you level-match your speakers. Oscilloscope displays signals as sine-type waves that show a sound's frequency, voltage level, and whether or not it's clipping. The DM-RTA app works with your PC, Android, or iOS device using a USB connection, or wirelessly via the optional AC-BT24 Bluetooth adapter. Onboard features The DM-RTA can also generate the test tones and signals used for analysis, like sine waves, clicks, and pink noise. This portable device features a built-in battery, which can keep its charge for about 3 to 5 hours, giving you plenty of time to take readings in a vehicle or at a remote venue before needing a recharge. There's even 48-volt phantom power available for the microphones that need it to operate.

  • RTA, voltage meter, SPL meter, polarity checker, oscilloscope
  • monitoring accessible via PC, Android, or iOS device
  • onboard test tones

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