Get to know us better

The Story

For over 20 years, we have been immersed in the audio industry. Starting out as two Indiana teenage brothers doing car audio installs for friends, we recognized the Internet's potential & scrapped together our first retail website in the late 90's, becoming one of the first sites to implement a "shopping cart" based checkout platform.

Challenges came weekly and from all sides back then, as we worked to convince an industry to embrace and legitimize online retailing. We persevered though, helping to pioneer the concept of "Internet-Authorized" retailing and working out the kinks of selling online with the major high-end brands (which traditionally had only local, territorial dealers). Continued fast growth earned us a spot on the "Inc 500" list of fastest growing companies in 2004.

We went on to tackle full-service local retailing as well, opening an expansive 8,500 sq.ft. audio & performance shop in North Carolina - largest of its kind in the Southeast, as well engineering and producing our own branded audio equipment - all along the way.

These experiences and every lesson learned throughout our journey are woven into who we are and how we do business. 

What got us here and keeps us going

It takes passion to do anything well... and an addiction to keep at it.  We've been geeking out in our garages, modifying and tweaking everything in our rides for far too long now - with no end in sight! Great music is, well, great. But played on the right equipment... pure bliss.  And having just the right the set-up can transform your romp in the woods/Sunday cruise/lake day into a real experience.  If you're like us, you get hooked on getting your ride right and making it your own...  and no, your 'project car' will NEVER be done!   ; )  

More than products with prices

Sure we want to be your go-to site for mobile electronics. Sounds pretty ideal come to think of it. But we're also a group of enthusiasts who are enjoying and experiencing the stuff we sell right along with you & are here to help you all along the way.