SL3u-L Universal AUX Adapter for Compatible Toyota Vehicles

by VAIS Technology

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The Auxiliary Input adapter SoundLinQ3 SL3U allows you to add 1 auxiliary RCA audio source (uncontrolled) to your Toyota/Lexus OEM audio system, while still being able to maintain full functionality of all factory installed components. It makes possible the use of aftermarket accessories such as MD player, MP3 Player, portable Satellite Radio Receiver, Android Phone, Android Tablet, computer, etc. without the need for Cassette Tape Adapters, FM Transmitters or FM Modulator. SL3U provides direct Plug-and-Play connection to Toyota/Lexus OEM audio system. SL3U supports vehicles whether they are equipped with Navigation System or not. Our unique technology allows you to keep all factory installed components (such as 6-disc CD changer, CD/DVD changer). When you connect SL3U to the audio system, Toyota/Lexus recognizes it as an additional CD/MD changer. By using "DISC" button on your head unit you are able to switch between original factory single disc CD or CD changer and the one emulated by SL3U.

  • Universal AUX in Adapter
  • Connect any audio device to your car
  • CD Changer Sound Quality
  • Plug and Play design

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