Rostra 250-1453 Universal Automotive Lumbar Support - Rear Mount

by Rostra

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$ 174.95

Includes spring-loaded rocker switch for easy inflating and deflating of the lumbar air bladder. Control switch can be installed beside most automotive seats. Air pump enclosed in protective pouch keeps it safe from under-seat debris. Flexible yet tough bladder tubing assures no air leaks over time. In-line fuse on power harness assures longevity of air pump in case of electrical short. Can be combined with automotive lumbar supports and seat heaters for the ultimate in driving comfort. Note: These kits are designed to be universal, however, prior to installing the unit, please inspect the seat construction to determine if you will need a front or rear mount lumbar prior to installing the unit. Front mount is installed between the foam and upholstery. Rear mount is used when the upholstery has been glued (bonded) to the foam and requires the bladder to mount behind the foam.

  • Adjustable seat bladder.
  • Ergonomically designed control switch.
  • Perfect addition to a leather seat upgrade.
  • Sound-dampening pouch minimizes noise.

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