Crimestopper RS1-G5 1-Way Single Button Remote Start System

by Crimestopper

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$ 109.95

Style:2 way 3000 feet range

Start your engine with the push of a button and confirm your commands that have been sent from up to 3000 feet from your vehicle. This is a 2-way FM/FM paging remote engine starting system that uses (1) 2-way rechargeable LCD transmitter and (1) 1-way sidekick transmitter to operate. The 2-way pager uses simple LCD graphics, audible tones and an enhanced white and red backlit screen for confirmation of all commands and events of the system. Keyless entry and trunk pop are included with this system as well as auto locking and unlocking with ignition. Other features include: Twin data ports, tachometer sensing, horn honk and extra auxiliary outputs through data with the use of a data module. Manual transmission and diesel engine compatible.

  • Universal on all types of vehicles, especially those with larger ignition wires with high current ignition switches; manual transmission operation, dome light supervision, horn honk output; diesel engine compatible
  • Rapid response 2-way and 1-way transmitters (instant lock and unlock like the factory system); 2-way twin data ports to accommodate both Fortin and ADS data modules; OEM remote compatible
  • New style, 2-way transmitter with brushed aluminum and titanium finish, includes standard USB and wall charger for LCD pager; includes "sidekick" non-paging remote with (2) vehicle operation; LED changes color to indicate vehicle number 1 or 2
  • Out-of-range notification on LCD pager as well as remote start run time countdown read-out; real time confirmation of lock, unlock and trunk pop; 3000 feet transmitter range
  • Trunk pop output standard, additional auxiliary outputs available with data module; includes remote panic, silent lock and unlock through remote

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