AudioControl SA-4140ISPL Measurement Microphone for iOS

by AudioControl

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Tune your system with your phone AudioControl's SA-4140i SPL microphone allows you to use your compatible iOS device as a real-time analyzer. A real-time analyzer (RTA) is a very useful (and usually expensive) device that displays the levels of the different frequencies played by the speakers in a given space, so you can equalize the overall response. First, you play a signal containing all the audible frequencies (called pink noise) through your sound system. Next, you measure the response using a microphone connected to the RTA, viewing the frequency response curve on the RTA's display. With this microphone and AudioControl's Mobile Tools app, you can now use your smartphone to analyze the acoustics of almost any system. Precise measurement AudioControl calibrated the SA-4140i SPL so the relative values of each frequency band will be accurate. With the app, you can also use this microphone to measure your system's loudness - up to 140 dB SPL (about the loudness of a jet taking off). The mic also features an audio output jack to send the test tones and noise generated by the app to your system, and an AC adapter to keep your device's battery charged during lengthy tuning sessions.

  • AudioControl Mobile Tools app included
  • works with iOS devices running iOS 6.1 or later
  • AC adapter included

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